Memorable Adventures and Meaningful Relationships

An affinity’s members and their relationships are the cornerstone to its success. As the country’s top provider for affinity travel, we want to partner with you on both of these initiatives.

We understand that business leaders are pressed for time when it comes to planning events. That’s why we will handle every detail and facilitate meaningful experiences for your members around the world. Your members will return to the U.S. feeling rejuvenated and excited to deepen their relationship built with your organization during their journey. Adelman Discoveries creates unprecedented experiences for your members. We are proud to offer global experiences, skilled staff, financial security, and unforgettable memories that your members will talk about for decades to come.

Travel to the heart of Tuscany
Experience wine country
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Experience the majestic Greek Isles
Visit the Mediterranean
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Discover the beauty of Scotland
Visit Scotland
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See all Spain has to offer
Explore Costa del Sol
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Experience the beauty of Ireland
Tour Scenic Ireland
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Fascinating Destinations

Enjoy exclusive experiences in the most luxurious global destinations. We’ve selected the finest destinations in the world for you and your members.

Exclusive Access

After decades of providing luxury travel, we have exclusive access to unique, hidden experiences that always prove to be the gem of every trip.

Extraordinary Service

Your journey will include a friendly, always-available guide from the Adelman Discoveries team to make sure every member’s need is a priority.


"They are very flexible, they have bent over backwards to take care of our needs."

Mark Bledsoe, United Way of Greater Texarkana, Inc.

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