Frequently Asked Questions

How would my Organization benefit by promoting an educational/vocational exchange tour to an international country?

Many leaders have found that offering educational travel experiences is another great way to bring members, friends and family together under your organizations umbrella of activities. Members are eager to learn about foreign cultures.

Is there a fundraising component?

Yes, each tour includes a minimum of 10% commission per traveler including air! Please talk to your sales representative about tailoring the commission to meet your needs.

Can I travel with my members?

Yes, there are complimentary tours awarded based on a production basis. If you cannot take the tour, you can designate it for anyone of your choice, or the trip can be turned into additional commission.

How would I promote the trip?

Travel Revenue Made Easy (TRME) is the most comprehensive marketing program in the travel industry. This translates into more revenue with no increase in staff time. We have over 20 marketing components and the expertise of implementation to assure you get the most from your travel program. You only need to say "yes", and we can begin earning revenue for you.

Is this a value to our members?

With our buying power as one of the largest travel companies in the U.S., we provide excellent value to your members. It is a value your members will truly appreciate as they enjoy their trip. Save hundreds over making individual arrangements.

What is your commitment?

There is no financial commitment. You agree to promote the tour through the website, newsletters, digital media and personal contact.

Can you tell me more about the tour experience?

All programs include airfare, excellent hotels, motorcoach transportation, sightseeing and a professional DISCOVERY PROGRAM GUIDE that will facilitate your travel experience. Each tour includes a unique Vocational Exchange. For example meetings are arranged often by area of business interest, with members of that profession in the foreign country.

What do I do next to get started?

With the help of our representative you will select the journey that will be of the most interest to you and your members. Start promoting with our custom quality materials. That is it. We take care of all the reservations, supplier deposits, member questions and the billing. There is NO RISK to the organization by promoting this trip.

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