Why Adelman Discoveries?

Why Adelman Discoveries?

When it comes to planning your organization's trips, you have countless companies to choose from to ensure your trip goes smoothly. So, why should you travel with Adelman Discoveries? Our exclusive experience with affinity groups and meeting their unique needs are what sets us apart.

We Only Work with Affinity Groups

Adelman Discoveries solely exists to serve affinity groups like yours. In fact, we don’t partner with any other type of organization And we don't sell through travel agencies so your offering is guaranteed unique. Our expertise and focus are directed solely to meet the special needs and desires of affinity groups, specifically generating relationship building and revenue. For over 30 years, we have assisted organizations run successful travel programs without the extra work.

We Take Care of the Details

While other travel companies leave it up to the client to create a successful program, Adelman Discoveries does everything for you. Unlike our competitors, Adelman Discoveries can manage every aspect of your travel program, from complete marketing management to full administrative support, as well as complete destination information and documentation. As our client, all we require is that you choose the destination of your choice, and we do the rest to maximize results.

We Provide the Marketing Materials

Travel Revenue Made Easy (TRME) is the most comprehensive marketing program in our industry. TRME was developed in 2008 in response to the shrinking staff of our client organizations and the need to "do more with less." Ever since, we are considered the standard bearer for simple, easy, and effective marketing.

Taking advantage of TRME means more revenue at a minimal cost of staff time. We have over 20 marketing components and the implementation know-how to assure you get the most from your travel program. See your Adelman Discoveries Business Development Manager for details.

Discover The World’s Greatest Destinations

Adelman Discoveries is proud to offer travel programs to the most desired destinations around the world. Whether you want to explore the Australian outback or embrace exotic Thailand, Adelman Discoveries can organize the perfect trip for you.

Our travel programs can also be customized to enrich your travel experience by providing educational and experiential opportunities for your members. Our itineraries offer unique introductions to the world's most captivating places and are led by expert Discovery Program Guides.

Enjoy a Slower Pace, Immerse Yourself!

Vacations are meant to be savored, not rushed through! That’s why we design our trips to be as immersive, yet easy-going as possible, with longer durations and itineraries that allow for in-depth exploration with plenty of time to relax and explore.

Unbeatable Value

It's not just a matter of our affordable pricing—it's also what we include that brings impeccable value. Round-trip airfare, first-rate hotels, delicious meals, exclusive events, luxury transportation, and the sightseeing services of an experienced Discovery Program Guide. We take care of everything.


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